24 hours before a marathon: mistakes you should not make

24 hours before a marathon: mistakes you should not make

You have trained a lot, a lot. You have read almost everything about the race.

The layout, you have studied. So much control is good, but don’t throw everything in the trash for a mistake the day before the marathon. Nerves can play tricks on you.

Therefore, it is best that the day before you dedicate it to rest, relax and not make mistakes. Go for it!

Supplies. Do you have them controlled? Imagine that you wake up the same day of the marathon, you are going to prepare your usual breakfast and, horror, you have run out of cereals!

It is something that can’t happen to you. Certify the day before you have everything you need for dinner last night, the marathon breakfast and also what you will need during the race (gels, etc).

The legs, safely. What to do with the legs the day before? You have many options, but there is a maxim: do not get too much cane! There are some marathons that organize ‘breakfast run’ the day before the test. It is a smooth shoot of a few kilometers.

If you do, it must be at the rate of ‘piglet trot’. You can also opt for the option of soft heating and straight lines in progression.

In this way, you will have a good activation at the muscular and articular level before the test. In the background, it is best to add enough rest to your legs (be careful not to spend 6-7 hours standing at the runner’s fair).

Download massage the day before? No. The discharge massage should have arrived, as late as midweek. Think you shouldn’t go jogging with sore legs. Another issue is the massage in areas that you have affected by ailments. You should always follow the advice of a professional.

Rest, a lot of rest.

If you manage to take a nap the day before at 42 kilometers, it would probably be the most important nap of the year.

Many people have trouble sleeping the same night before. You should not worry too much.

The rest of the whole week should be enough for you. You should sleep well the previous days, and that last nap, let it be the icing.

Be careful what you eat.

The food of the previous 24 hours is very important. On the one hand, for what it can bring you. You know, a load of hydrates is important, sprinkled with protein.

But, on the other hand, for what you can subtract. If you spend in the amounts, you can be very full and heavy for hours and have bad feelings. And, even if there is still a lot for the race, do not do tests or take food that can make you feel bad or are strong for the stomach.

The clothes, well prepared.

Take a few minutes to prepare everything for the next day. T-shirt, bib, sneakers, socks, etc. And, when you have it ready, review it again.

A little posturing never hurts.

A picture of your dorsal Instagram? A review on Facebook? Thus, those who appreciate you will send you a message of encouragement, which never hurts.

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