How to stay motivated by running without getting bored

How to stay motivated by running without getting bored

Surely it happened to you! We all have one or more friends who, when you invite them to run, have this answer:

“I don’t like it, like I don’t find it meaning to run just for running”

And that’s fine, one must feel happy with the things he does but as in 2019 we want to convey our mission #InspireTo Run here we leave you 10 ways to stay motivated by running without getting bored.

Put on a challenge or sign up for a career with your friends! You can even run a small bet to know who of all your friends reaches the goal or who beats who. Small challenges can make you leave your comfort zone and keep you active.

Set a schedule: Although many times you can’t, setting a schedule is a commitment to you.

Try to respect this time as much as possible, in this way it is much safer that you reach the goal 100%

Give your alarm a power song or melody that motivates you: If you set your alarm with a typical tone or something that only makes you bad or causes you to weigh yourself up, it may not work! But try a song that turns you on or makes you feel that. Ok, I’m going up!

A day before define a route: You might run in the same park or area, but 80% of people who stop running attribute it to monotony and you can only break it with changes, small or large, on the routes that take or define for your sessions.

Friends with similar goals should be part of your workouts: If you have already enrolled in a career with a friend, now do the motivational work between one and the other.

Take a tour of the sportswear store: Just as you are excited to wear that new shirt or dress you bought you can motivate yourself with a shirt, tennis shoes, shorts. The motivation is largely to do new things, but if we make those things part of our days and think in the future as “This shirt suits me well for the day of repetitions or suits me for the day away” Maybe those details will help to give a 360º turn to the vision of running or training, think that it is a gift for and for you.

If you are a lot of social networks, share your photos or what you like to run. Many people can tell you that it gives you laziness to read or why you publish something about your changes but, in the end, it is about taking the step and doing something, believe it you do much more than the one that only criticizes.

Try a training group: Many times coaches and the same groups offer you a variety of routines. Join and meet people with the same goals Help a lot!

It is worth saying Today I do not want to! Sometimes starting is complicated and you will have many days when you don’t want to move. One finger! And it goes, as anyone can stop one day, rest and do something else. Try not to spend a day or two a week because you surely lose the rhythm.

Running becomes one of those incredible addictions but it doesn’t happen to you! You can try another sport and make the “career” a complement, and you can be sure that there are many people outside who may be willing to accompany you to add kilometers.

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