Start running. Training plan for a 5K.

Start running. Training plan for a 5K.

Running uninterruptedly for five kilometers (5K) is a challenge within the reach of any person who proposes it, no matter how abandoned you have maintained your physical condition or even if you have never run before.

Perhaps it is the first major objective that we must consider when we want to start running from scratch, since, with a little effort and discipline, in a few weeks we will be able to do it at a comfortable pace for us and, if we feel like it, participate in our First race of the many that are planned in the race calendar near our place of residence.

Always remember to warm your muscles and joints well before starting THE workout.

Starting to run is always a hard time for everyone who has been away from sports for a long time.

We propose the following planning to make it more comfortable to reach your goal, while preventing injuries and entering the dynamics of training as a routine. Help yourself with our 5K training plan:

First weeks

During the first two weeks, the goal is to prepare and adapt the body to the new training pace to which we are going to submit it.

These initial weeks are crucial since, if they are not done with patience and at the right pace, we can obtain the results that are not desired: excessive muscular fatigue and / or injuries that will end up truncating the objective at the first of change and will cause us to leave Soon this physical and health change we want.

At the end of these initial 14 days we will be able to maintain a 30-minute training routine without effort and without excessive fatigue.

Weeks three and four

The training in this period will be based on looking for sufficient athletic ability to increase the periods of training time at high intensity.

At the end of our body will be able to run without rest for longer and at a higher pace with greater comfort.

We will also learn to control our energies and to know how to dose them throughout the training to arrive with solvency until the end and not wasting it in excessive efforts at the beginning.

For this, we have to keep in mind what our base career pace is and we will not force this rhythm at any time.

At the end of each training we should dedicate 5-10 minutes to stretching to help recover the muscles and prevent injuries.

Fifth and sixth week

Weeks five and six will allow us a sustained career training, with a constant pace and a level of efficiency and healthiness close to the ideal.

Two or three days of weekly routine at this level of requirement will allow us the exercise necessary to lead a healthy life, also relying on a balanced and varied diet.

At the end of this period we will be able to run constantly and pleasantly for 20-25 minutes, which will lead us to be close to achieving our goal.

Last weeks

By reaching the last two weeks, we will have passed the toughest phases of our training and we will improve it and get ready to meet our challenge.

In these seventh and eighth week we will work our fund and resistance to be able to increase the total time we can run without stopping and reach 30 minutes of continuous running.

On the last day of the eighth week, we will run the 5K continuously. For this, the ideal is to find a popular race of this distance that is celebrated somewhere close to us, because the atmosphere and the motivation that a career gives us will make it easier to meet the objective. Good luck!

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